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    If you have answered "no" to the the two questions above please discontinue, this Art Trails is for Franklin residents and property owners. Please contact us if you would like further information or have any questions.

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    What is your main art form ?

    Supply Photographs to be used on the website and for printable pamphlet/brochures.
    Preferred 300dpi minimum. Please no low-resolution phone/FB images. We want your artwork images to show off your work.
    Photo for the Artist/Gallery main image. Doesn’t have to be of you/Gallery - can be of artwork. Portrait orientation.

    Up to three images for other use - website images in the information section etc. All cropped square.

    Do you need help with the photo's?

    Blurbs for the website and any printable pamphlet/brochure
    Long bio - maximum 60 words. Used for website in conjunction with the short bio. About you/the Gallery, your art form, inspiration, current work and anything to intrigue your visitors

    Short Bio - maximum 30 words. Used for printable pamphlet/brochure - should say what is available, what the visitor will see or do eg art works finished, or in progress, demonstrations, interactive "art play" etc

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    Is wheelchair access is available?

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    You must live or own property in the Franklin Local Board area to participate.